Different Benefits of Step and Repeat Banners

Step and repeat banners are also known as step and repeat backdrops where such types of large banners are being used in order to provide wide different format background or a background display on media events or for advertising purposes. It likewise have much larger dimensions and viewing area than the retractable banners, but it is still portable and you could customize it easily. Its frame and hardware in fact are engineered for a quicker setup and takedown. All hardware is actually stored in a convenient manner in a provided premium carrying case. Some other benefits are as follows:

Boosts Credibility

Brands and companies mostly use custom printed banner stands as backdrops on meetings, conferences and media events. For such purpose, graphics are usually repeating series of the logos. Large backdrops in fact increases brand awareness and is able to help with credibility for companies that uses it.

Portable Option

Custom printed step and repeat banners actually helps in maximizing brand exposure and it can also be used for various events. It is likewise light in weight, does not need any wall space and it is likewise self-supporting.


The step and repeat banners also could be used for many times. Also, it can last for years if you are going to handle and store it properly. With the increased durability and exposure from custom printed backdrops, it actually makes it an affordable option and have higher ROI. Also, it gives more publicity to the brand through photos and videos.

Stand out from Trade Shows

Using a step and repeat banner is actually an impressive backdrop for your booth at conventions and trade shows. You also will be looking more professional and attracting more people to the space.

Good Return on Investment

You are in fact going to own a big advertisement that people mostly spread for you, which in fact why using this is the best one to go for. In grand openings, trade shows and conference, you usually will find camera-happy people and having a step and repeat banner helps to enhance your brand’s visibility. You may use this again for the next trade show.

Expensive Photos on the Cheap

Through a step and repeat banner, you can in fact get recognition to your business. You could actually get some pictures with celebrities or industry executives and you may get the images of which you could use for years to come. Executives, celebrities and other big names usually gravitate to step and repeat banners. It is simply because they feel that they will get the star treatment that they want.