Lucky Ads — Good Business Partner for Advertisers and Webmasters

Lucky Ads — Good Business Partner for Advertisers and Webmasters

Native advertising platform – a trustworthy partner for advertisers and publishers. Our task is to develop the market for native advertising. We deliver supreme appraise for all participants.

Choose a Reliable Advertising Partner 

The platform opens up to cooperation with publishers, business owners, and advertising companies. We help advertisers find a relevant paid audience on the Internet and promote their brand and website owners cost-effectively monetize their traffic.

Start Your Ad Campaign 

We admit and place advertisements for goods, services, and current affairs of our partner.

Ads and news and the resources, to which they lead, must not contain materials prohibited on our platform. 

We have an individualized approach for each publisher, track the revenues of each site, and help monetize your traffic efficiently. We only work with trusted advertisers, so only safe and relevant advertisements are displayed on the websites.

Besides, we have a practical and intuitive block builder, where you can customize the blocks to match your site’s design. You can follow the statistics of your websites and advertising blocks employing the detailed analysis tool.

Publishers’ Requirements

We work together exclusively with sites that:

  • Maintain a steady presence of at least 100 unique visitors per day for one month.
  • Use a sufficiently detailed statistical meter (e.g., Google Analytics).< access to statistics from the publishing house.
  • No 18+ content.
  • The site has to abide by the up-to-date regulation.
  • Sites that utilize traffic sources with PTC, auto clicks, and alike techniques are not acceptable.

You can learn more about them in the Terms of Service.

The adverts are displayed on thousands of websites connected to LuckyAds. 

Advertisers’ Packages

The editor is responsible for choosing the location of the advertising packages. You may view them:

  • Site header;
  • Ahead of the article;
  • As part of the article;
  • Hereafter the article;
  • At the bottom of the site;
  • Through the sidebar;
  • On the mobile version of the site.
  • Ads are designated for each site predicated on its topic matter and marketing drive settings.

Launch Your Campaign

How to open a successful ad campaign?

  1. Sign up;
  2. Opt an audience and generate an advertising campaign;
  3. Build an ad;
  4. Place the price per click;
  5. Build a down payment;
  6. Initiate the advertisement.

Your ad will be open within 15 minutes after passing moderation.

Benefits of Working with Us 

What you get cooperating with us:

  • 2,500,000,000+ ad impressions per month;
  • Direct cooperation with publishers, strict moderation of partner platforms in real-time mode;
  • Pay for real clicks (CPC);
  • Native advertising is one of the most effective ad formats;
  • Best Native Advertising Platform according to the popular vote of Affbank Awards 2020;
  • Support is available 24/7. Waiting for a response no more than 30 seconds;
  • Quickstart;
  • Moderation 24/7;
  • Exclusive conditions from advertisers;
  • Safe ads only.

LuckyAds native advertising platform is ready to be your source of quality traffic whether you are an advertiser or an owner of information and news sites.

Visit our wedsite for more information on how to get started.